Activities in the Sunshine

18th September 2020

This afternoon, due to the beautiful weather, many of the after school activities were held outside on the schools grounds. At Danes Hill we have a range of activities held in the morning, at lunchtime and after school for the children to enjoy. Mr Payne held fencing club out in the beautiful sunshine on the Headmaster’s Lawn for their introductory session. Mr Payne began the session by showing the children  the safety equipment required for fencing, the mask, gloves and jacket. Before introducing them to the fencing sword, the position to hold it in and the preferred standing stance for a fencer. The children practised some basic moves and showed Mr Payne some tricks they had learnt from previous fencing experiences.

Miss Barlett and her photography group took the opportunity to head outside for beautiful lighting, the children explored the expansive grounds to find some amazing shots. The pupils are assigned a camera for the term and are taught how to use the various settings, to adjust the exposure and how to focus on specific objects in a shot. The photographers took some fantastic images are very excited to continue to improve their skill over the term. Mrs Lewis’ yoga class had a wonderful yoga session, the sun was setting behind them on the sports fields. Mrs Lewis takes the children through a range of movements, advancing them throughout the term as their skills improve. This peaceful setting is perfect for the end of a busy school day and the children enjoy this time to relax but also push themselves to try more complex poses.