Year 4 Book Group

17th September 2020

Today Mrs Keat held her first Year 4 book group in the library. The children were asked to write about their favourite book, explaining their best moments, the author and the plot, with no spoilers! The children shared their reviews with each other, recommending their books to their friends. A Keat wrote about his favourite Lemony Snicket Book, A series of unfortunate events, a mysterious tale of 3 siblings caught in a series of unfortunate events! S Jenkins was very excited to show the group her chosen book, Goodbye Malory Towers by Enid Blyton. The story follows the journey of a group of friends in their final year of sixth form at Malory Towers, this book is part of a wonderful collection of stories. The children had an amazing time and are very excited to continue sharing their favourite books with each other over the coming weeks.

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