Reception Explore the Pond at the Paddock

15th September 2020

This afternoon, Mrs Hill’s Reception class enjoyed their weekly visit to the Paddock in the beautiful sunshine. For some of the new children, this was their first visit and they were all very excited. This beautiful area is an exciting place to explore and the children can climb along the tree stumps, discover wildlife in the forest and fish in the pond. After reminding themselves of the Paddock golden rules, the children were given free time to explore the Paddock before having their snack back at base. Bella the Bevendean Beagle joined the children and helped them explore the grass for hidden treasure!

Each of the year groups at Bevendean visit the Paddock each week. Mr Dormer has created an amazing outdoor learning programme for them and their confidence with nature grows throughout the year. They hunt for insects, they create beautiful artwork and play team games.


Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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