Zoo Animal Adoption in Year 6

11th September 2020

Zoological Society of London (ZSL), an international conservation charity, focuses their work on creating a world where wildlife thrives by investigating the health threats facing animals and helping people and wildlife live alongside each other in harmony. This organisation hopes to inspire future generations, inform the world and empower communities to achieve positive change.

Miss Holden has adopted an animal for each of the Year 6 classes, an elephant, sloth, penguin, giraffe and a lion. The class have their adopted animal for the year and their donation of money for the adoption goes towards the charities work for wildlife and their commitment to bringing wildlife back from the brink of extinction. Each class has received a fluffy toy of their chosen animal and a pack full of information on the animal, the work being done for this species and how the children can further their charity work if they want to! There are many ways to get involved with the charity, apart from the animal adoption scheme, from spotting wildlife in the garden to full on citizen science projects. We are very excited to have these animals ‘in our care’ for the next year and the Year 6 classes will be keeping a close eye on them with update form the ZSL charity!