Year 3 Nature Art

9th September 2020

The Year 3 children had an exciting introduction to art today. They headed down to the adventure playground to hunt for materials to create hedgehogs with clay. They used sticks to create the spikes on the back of the hedgehog and leaves to sit the little creature on. They moulded the shape of the animal into the clay, shaping the nose and adding googly eyes to complete the look! The children created some wonderful hedgehogs and were very pleased with their cute creations.

Later in the lesson the pupils set off on a scavenger hunt, looking for items on their list to sketch them, they were sketching leaves, birds and even their teachers! They found insects to draw and had an exciting time trying to find an item in nature of every letter of the alphabet. Throughout the year they will continue their work with clay and also experiment with mono printing, collage and pastels.