Year 2 Test Their Trust in Each Other

5th February 2020

This morning in Miss Wood’s PSHEE lesson, her class discussed trust and teamwork. The children watched an animation of The Likeaballs, a group of characters who partake in sports matches. In each of the programmes a different topic is covered such as fair play, being a sore loser and working well as a team. After watching this week’s episode on trust, the class headed outside for some outdoor learning time. The children put their trust to the test, one child was blindfolded their partner was tasked with directing them around the school. This exercise pushed them to test their ability to trust and listen.

Throughout the year each year group covers different topics in their PSHEE lessons, there are also many opportunities to take part in workshops and talks organised by Mrs Keat. These sessions encourage the children to think of the wider world and tackle topics such as road safety, bullying, internet safety and many others. Mrs Keat also arranges talks that the parents are encouraged to attend covering a range of topics specific to each age group.