Year 1 Knights and Castles Day

30th January 2020

Year 1 had an amazing day exploring the world of knights and castles. The children had two guests to teach them about knights throughout the ages with an impressive collection of weaponry and armour. They held workshops for the children and taught them many new interesting facts about the Normans. The children were introduced to the art of jousting and even got the chance to try it out for themselves! Mounting a wooden horse the children were pulled towards the targets holding the lance firmly under their arm. Later in the day, the children were shown an array of armour and weaponry such as swords, wooden sticks, a mace, a lance, spears and a battle axe. The children tried on some armour and were shocked with the weight of the chainmail and helmets worn for years by knights in battle. They ended the day with a group workshop where they were able to see the catapult in action. The Year 1 children had an amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed every activity.