Pre-Prep No Electricity Day

22nd January 2020

On Monday 20 January our Eco Warrior team comprising of eight children who are leading the crusade to make Bevendean more environmentally friendly and sustainable, organised ‘No Electricity Day’. The aim was to get through a school day without using any electrical items at all.  Children are becoming increasingly aware of our over-dependence on electricity and the adverse impact its production and overuse can have on the environment.  On ‘No Electricity Day’ lights, computers and interactive whiteboards were all switched off and lessons were conducted in a traditionally tried and tested fashion.  Going the extra mile, the children even enjoyed a cold lunch of crudités, sandwiches and homemade flapjacks and fruit!

A communal assembly on the day proved to be the perfect opportunity for the children to reflect on their efforts.  One child said ‘I loved using the tambourine in our dance lesson instead of dancing to music from a stereo’.  Without doubt the children all felt they would be more careful when using electricity in future.

‘No Electricity Day’ proved to be a huge success in raising awareness amongst children and staff of what we collectively and as individuals can do to make the school and our environment greener and more eco-friendly.  Well done Bevendean!