Year 3 – Peter and the Wolf

9th May 2019

This afternoon Year 3 were visited by the Chamberhouse Winds. A group of musicians who came to tell the story of Sergei Prokofiev’s story Peter and the Wolf. Through dialogue and musical interludes the Year 3 children followed Peter and his friends journey to capturing the wretched wolf! The wolf was portrayed by a horn and bellowed through the forest to catch the duck and the cat, the bird was played by a flute whilst the cat was played by an oboe. After watching the story the children heard a familiar tune of Pink Panther by Henry Mancini and the Star Wars theme tune composed by John Williams.

After these amazing performances, the horn player pulled out a hose attached to a funnel and proceeded to perform a musical piece with this home-made instrument. The sound was amazing and the children were fascinated by this creation. Thank you for the Chamberhouse Winds for a lovely afternoon of music and stories.

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