Star of the Half-Term!

12th April 2019

Well done to the following pupils who have achieved Star of the Half Term:

Year 2

Beavers – P. Lackenby had a fantastic half-term and really developed her netball skills. She has worked hard on passing skills and understanding and it is great to see these progressions coming into her game.

Crocodiles – E. May always listens well in lessons and applies new skills well to her netball. She has made brilliant progressions throughout the half term and has been a pleasure to teach.

Antelopes – V. Guevara Correa has scored a fantastic number of goals this half term in netball. She always communicates well with her team mates and finds space really well on the netball court. She has worked really hard in every lesson and fixture and her netball has made real improvements as a result.

Dingos –  A. Blach has developed a really good knowledge of the game of netball this half-term and it is pleasing to see her put this into practice in both lessons and fixtures. She always tries her best on the court and this has resulted in really noteworthy improvements being made.

Year 3

T. Kim has worked really hard this half-term. She is always attentive and keen on the netball court and her understanding of the game and the footwork rule in particular has made notable improvements.

Year 4

 P. Vincent has had a brilliant half-term in netball. She always attends extended games and additional practices and always tries her best in lessons and fixtures. She is attentive and keen to try new skills which has resulted in her making great strides forward in her play.

Year 5

M. Malby-Nightingale always gives her best in fixtures and in lessons. She listens well and is always keen to put new skills and ideas into practice. She has developed a really good spatial awareness which has allowed her to have some fantastic attacking play.

Year 6

J. Park always has a fantastic attitude in lessons and fixtures and is keen to try her best in everything that she does. This has transferred into some great performances on the netball court and resulted in her developing a great set of skills in the sport.

Year 7

S. Krupchak has developed her skills really well this half-term through a fantastic attitude and approach to the game of netball. She has demonstrated fantastic communication skills and her dedication has led to her progressing through two teams in the space of just a few weeks.

Year 8

C. Ellsbury has shown brilliant commitment to netball this half-term and has been rewarded with some fantastic performances on the court. She always gives her all in lessons and in fixtures and has applied new skills and concepts well to develop a really promising all-round game.