Splash and Dash

11th December 2018

On Friday, a group of Year 3 to 6 girls competed at the Splash and Dash competition at Guildford High School. This competition is in memory of Heather Garside who was a teacher at Danes Hill.

At the start of the competition the girls took part in a fancy dress competition. The theme was Christmas decorations and each Danes Hill year group dressed up in a different theme. This was lots of fun and we sung Christmas songs to the judges and audience.

Each year group then competed in a 500m-800m cross country run and each individual place was added together. The swimming event was a 6 by 25m swimming relay.

Every age group achieved top three positions in the swim or the run and were awarded medals.
U8 team achieved 3rd place in the swim
U9 team achieved 1st place in the run
U10 team achieved 2nd place in the run
U11 team achieved 2nd please in the run

We also had lots of fantastic individual cross country performances. Special mentions to G.Staples and P.Arnold Roberts- 1st and 2nd place. I. Gilmore 2nd place and J. Thompson 1st place. Overall, with our swimming and running points added together we achieved third place overall.

The girls had lots of fun and everyone involved should feel proud of their achievements.


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