Star of The Half Term in Girls’ Games

7th November 2018

The Star of the Half Term Award in Girls’ Games is selected by all of the girls games staff and given to one pupil in each year group for their superb all round effort. Each student will receive a medal, a Headmasters Commendation and a space on the board in the Link with their photo!

Congratulations to the following pupils who have received this award in hockey in the first half of the Autumn Term:

Year 8: L Sharma

L. Sharma has made massive strides forward in her hockey this half-term. She has worked tirelessly every lesson and fixture and she fights for every ball. Her determination to improve means she will continue to improve every single week.

Year 7: A. Cootes

A. Cootes has worked tirelessly throughout this first half-term. She’s been a pivotal player for the 2nd team every week and has excelled in tournament-play, scoring countless goals!

Year 6: E. Horne

E. Horne has had a fantastic first half-term of Hockey. After playing in defence, she has made brilliant progress in the U11 Hockey sides, notably being an integral part of the U11 IAPS squad that conceded just 2 goals in their regional qualifying tournament to earn a place in the National Finals.

Year 5: L. Froud

L. Froud has a brilliant attitude to her hockey and this is exemplified every time she takes the field. She is always taking new information on board and trying to implement them into matches and has been fantastic for the U10’s this year.

Year 4: J. Cetti

J. Cetti has settled in seamlessly to Danes Hill life and has excelled in her hockey this half-term. She is always giving her absolute best and has made considerable improvements as a result.

Year 3: G. Jarrett

G. Jarrett has worked tirelessly throughout this first half-term. She always works really hard to improve her skills every time she plays and her willingness to listen and try new skills is fantastic to see.

Year 2:

Danes – E. Sisson

E. Sisson is always really helpful and listens to instructions well. Her enthusiasm for hockey makes learning new skills really exciting and she always gives her best.

Saxons – N. Roald

N. Rauld is really keen to improve her hockey and tries her best every single lesson. She is always courteous, attentive and willing to try her best to implement new skills into the way she plays.

Normans – L. Perry

L. Perry has been extremely hard working throughout games lessons and always listens really well to instructions. She is constantly trying to perform new skills and has been very enthusiastic about her hockey.

Vikings – S. Cornish

S. Cornish has had a brilliant first half-term. She is very enthusiastic and has a natural talent for hockey which is fantastic to see. She is always keen to improve and help those around her.