Spring Term Sports Awards 2017

12th September 2018

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Spring Term Sports Awards

It has been another wonderful year of sporting accolades for Danes Hill’s sports teams so far and it is at this time of year that we take the opportunity to reward those boys and girls at all levels of the school who have excelled on the sports field. Congratulations to the following:




Year 2 Most Promising

Joaquin Guevara

Junior Footballer of the Year

Calum Mathieson

Intermediate Footballer of the Year

Arthur Parker

Senior Footballer of the Year

Robbie Leigh-Pollitt

Most Promising Footballer

Ethan Hess

Sportsmanship in Football

James Ford


Year 2 Most Promising

Alyona Fetisova

Junior Netball Player of the Year

Olivia Gioffredo

Intermediate Netball of the Year

Sophie Freeman

Senior Netball Player of the Year

Maddie Fairbank

Sportsmanship in Netball

Annabel Greenbury

Most Promising Netball Player

Anna Andrews



Year 2 Most Promising

Rafael Menassa

Junior Rugby Player of the Year

Matteo Antonelli

Intermediate Rugby Player of the Year

Matthew Pringuer-James

Senior Rugby Player of the Year

Caleb Boddington

Sportsmanship in Rugby

Sonny Parker

Most Promising Rugby Player

Josh King

HOCKEY- Girls/Boys

Year 2 Most Promising

Mia Cunningham/Sam Dixon

Junior Hockey Player of the Year

Keira Johnson/Sam Boswell

Intermediate Hockey Player of the Year

Amelia Burke/Ferdinand Wright

Senior Hockey Player of the Year

Gina Liebenberg/Rory Wade

Most Promising Hockey Player

Zoe Lawrence/Dali Doljanin

Sportsmanship in Hockey

Olivia Maguire/Toby Miller


Year 3

Madeline Few/Matthew Jarrett

Year 4

Ciara Moore/Louis Basing

Year 5

Isabel Duetoft/Nikolaj Kemp-Pedersen

Year 6

Gracie Butler/Ethan Pegler

Year 7

Sophie Thompson/ Magnus Kemp-Pedersen

Year 8

Sophie Orbell/Ethan Hess

Rowing – Boys

Year 6

Edward Porter

Year 7 & 8

Eddy McInally & Luca Comitis (Joint)

Toddler Group

Wednesday 19 June

10 am – 12 noon

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