K2 Crawley Biathlon

12th September 2018

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On Sunday 9 October twenty three pupils travelled to the K2 Crawley to take part in the Biathlon Championships. This is an annual event which qualifies pupils for the National Schools Biathlon Championships at Crystal Palace. The results were as follows:
U10 Girls
Out of 56 competitors
H Louie 17th
R Zawawi 36th
A McConville 39th
U10 Boys
Out of 28 competitors
G Demetriou 6th
T Hutchings 20th
K Budd 21st
U11 Grils
Out of 94 competitors
G Butler 6th
S Davey 12th
L Kelly 21st
L Lovell 39th
F Koep 57th
C Lees 60th
E Pitts 63rd
U11 Boys
Out of 44 competitors
E Pegler 4th
T Pitts 25th
J Bailey 33rd
U12 Girls
Out of 63 competitors
T Lodge 62nd
U12 Boys
Out of 32 competitors
J Clarke 15th
A Pollington 22nd
U13 Girls
Out of 43 competitors
Z Lawrence 9th
J Birrell 37th
U13 Boys
Out of 33 competitors
T Goodchild 24th
A Moorcombe 33rd
Congratulations to everyone who took part.