Guildford High School Cross Country

12th September 2018

On Monday, the girls competed at the Guildford High School Cross Country event. There were some superb team and individual performances.

The results were as follows-


Team 2nd place

Keira Johnson- 2
Antonia Bednall- 7
Maddy Few- 11
Oliver Desler- 18
Lillie Burgess- Allen- 19
Lola Chisholm- 20



Team 1st place

Ciara Moore- 3
Jessica Thompson- 4
Olivia Studholme- 4
Xanthe Radloff- 7
Carla Martinez- 13
Ella Horne- 14



Martina Guevara Correa- 9
Imogen Davies- 25
Ella Parfitt- 29
Emilia Pitts- 34
Jaime Bradley- 43



Team 2nd place

Amandine Meertens- 8
Sophia Davey- 11
Amelia Burke- 15
Lily Gartside- 20
Lola Waczkow- 31

I am so proud of their fantastic performance and want to congratulate the girls on their outstanding running!