Danes Hill Girls’ Cross Country Relays

12th September 2018

On Friday 19 January, girls in Years 3-6 took part in our first ever Danes Hill girls cross country relays. There were 10 schools entered into the competition with each school bringing an A and B team. In each team there were 4 runners who ran 800m, passing around a baton. They ran on Danes Hill’s vast fields. The course included a number of hills which made the course extremely exciting. The event was a huge success, with Danes Hill pupils demonstrating their superb cross country abilities.


The Results:

Year 3 A team- 2nd place

Year 3 B team- 1st place

Year 4 A team- 1st place

Year 4 B team- 1st place

Year 5 A team- 1st place

Year 5 B team- 1st place

Year 6 A team- 8th place

Year 6 B team- 3rd place


Danes Hill also were the winners of the overall Years 3-6 cross country relays award and were presented with the winning trophy. Congratulations to all of the pupils involved in this competition!


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