Children’s Author Visits Danes Hill

4th September 2018

Children in Years 2-7 were delighted to meet popular children””s author, Tom Palmer, who visited Danes Hill to talk about his best-selling books and how he writes them.

Tom told the children about his three Puffin football series books, Football Academy, Foul Play and The Squad, and his Rugby Academy series, which is set at a boarding school, and described all the reading and research he needs to do before he can write his own stories. 

He then played a game with the children, asking them about their favourite subjects, what they like to read and what they read in the newspapers, and questioned them on a wide range of subjects from sport to fashion.

Children who gave correct answers to his questions had the chance to kick a small rugby ball through a set of indoor rugby posts and those who were successful were presented with a trophy.

Tom said that Middle School pupils, in particular, were exceptionally good at answering his questions, on occasions answering first time, and also commented that there were not many schools where all the children who received a trophy said thank you.