Year 4 Take a Trip Through the Ancient Ages

13th August 2018

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Children in Year 4 brought last week to an intriguing conclusion as they visited Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire.

The farm displays ongoing constructions of ancient buildings based on real sites, dating from the Stone Age through the Iron Age and Roman Britain, and finishing with the Anglo-Saxons.

The visiting party were able to experience a range of activities from across the ancient period as they split into five groups on a carousel and rotated. Activities included clay artefact making, archaeology, powdering chalk from lumps, clunching (mixing chalk with water and mud to form a material to coat the walls of houses) and spinning sheep wool into a bracelet.

Fortunately the weather stayed dry for the large part and didn’t hinder the clay making, although it did rain over lunch! All in all it was a great day and the children, who were very well behaved, all got stuck in and enjoyed the activities.