Year 3 Christingle Service

13th August 2018

With Christmas fast approaching, Danes Hill is fully embracing the festive season; Year 3 recently gave a lovely Christingle service with the Christingle orange decorations they had made.

Christingle services were introduced by the Children’s Society in 1968, a charity aiming to bring light into dark situations. With this in mind, Year 3 gave a beautiful candlelit rendition of ‘Hope of Heaven’, reminding everyone of the loving and giving spirit which is so important at Christmas. The service also included an entertaining production of the Nativity story, told by a ‘fussy’ angel who couldn’t understand why Jesus was born in such a messy stable.

The twenty narrators did a spectacular job of telling this story, whilst a small group of soloists gave a poignant opening to the service. Overall, it was a heart-warming service which left everyone wholly in the Christmas spirit, with the children happily taking their own Christingles home as a memento of the evening.

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