Year 1 Children Have Fun in The Paddock

13th August 2018

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Children in Year 1 made the most of the final days of summer as they visited The Paddock for their first Forest School session.

Whilst a weekly visit to the Paddock has become customary for the Year 1 age group, things were a little different this time around as Games and Fitness teacher, Chris, challenged the explorers with several tasks and games. Remaining safe at all times, the children were allowed to explore their imaginations by climbing and building things out of the natural environment.

They played games of ‘1, 2, 3 where are you!’ and ‘Wizards, Elves and Dragons’, which is similar to ‘Surfer Wave Shark’. Congratulations to Mrs Remfry’s team who were the winners.

After a well-earned snack, some of the children visited the sand kitchen, whilst others built bonfires. They put together a superb production line by making marshmallows in the sand kitchen and then toasting them on the ‘bonfire’.

It was an action packed day and, as such, it was no surprise to see many of the children fall asleep on the bus on the way back!


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