Weird and Wonderful Science

13th August 2018

Science Week, our annual celebration of Science, was a white knuckle ride of Discovery and Exploration, with all sorts of rockets, egg box invertebrates, Cartesian divers…….nappies and poo! Yes, you did read it correctly – Year 6 really did make poo and study the effects of digestion on seeds and Year 5 re-lived their younger days testing the absorbent powers of various nappies! Air Products came into the school to demonstrate the properties and uses of Liquid Nitrogen and Dr. Emily Grossman, Science Communicator on Sky TV, wowed her audience with a range of scientific knowledge gems. For the rest of the day, children could be heard approaching their teachers with the phrase ‘ Do you know….?’ So, do you know how long it takes all large mammals to empty their bladders? (21 seconds, apparently; I wonder who worked that out?)

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