The Circle of Life

13th August 2018

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Children in Transition had some very special visitors this week in the form of animals from Mill Cottage Farm.

The visit was part of Transition’s current area of study, namely new life and where our food comes from which followed on nicely from a recent trip to Waitrose in Cobham. The youngsters could not have asked for a wider variety of creatures to get up close and personal with, as they were joined by rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, turkeys, chickens, alpacas, sheep, lambs, pigs and goats.

However, as fun as the interactions were, the visit had a serious element too with the children learning all about the lifecycle of a chick and where the food they eat comes from including milk, as they milked a cardboard cow with pretend udders.

It was wonderful to see all of the pupils gain in confidence during the visit when handling the animals. By the end of the trip, both animals and children were very comfortable in each other’s company, especially when grooming the goats, lambs, sheep and pigs and feeding a lamb a bottle of milk! The enjoyment of the students was clear to see as they could be heard to say “I loved cuddling the chicks” and “the lambs were so cute!”