The Amazing Adventures of Superstan

13th August 2018

Children in Year 4 served up two wonderful nights of entertainment with their production of The Amazing Adventures of Superstan.

Given the size of the year group, the Directors were able to use a separate cast on each night, with half of the year group performing on the Tuesday and the other half on the Wednesday after school. The productions were a re-enactment of Craig Hawes’s comical musical and focused on the most unlikely of Superheroes, Stanley Marvel. The parents in attendance were kept on the edge of their seats throughout as Stanley, complete with a secret formula and anti-gravity underpants, battled to save Megaville from Super-Villain, The Candy King. There were too many memorable moments to name them all but scenes such as ‘The Crumblies’, ‘Fun Factory Villains’ and ‘Megaville Reporters’ will live long in the memory.

There was plenty to discuss following two action packed performances as the parents and guests gathered outside the Ark for refreshments and special ‘Superstan’ cupcakes bathed in glorious sunshine.

A very big well done to Year 4 for two superb performances.

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