Swimming Picture Competition Winners

13th August 2018

On Thursday 10 May, the captains of swimming announced in assembly the winners of this year’s House Swimming Gala Drawing Competition. Miss Marsh who judged the competition, said that the standard of the drawings this year were the highest ever seen. Each winner received 25 house points and a large Easter egg. The winners also have their drawing placed on the front of their Swimming Gala programme for their year.

YEAR 2BLD: F James for the Saxons

YEAR 3SFB: J E Han for the Saxons

YEAR 4NIH: F Man for the Vikings

YEAR 5AJA: X Radloff for the Saxons

YEAR 6JCM: I Duetoft for the Vikings

YEAR 7RFE: C Ellsbury for the Vikings

YEAR 8KAB: H Kim for the Saxons

Well done on your superb pictures, we will look forward to seeing them in print!

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