National Science Quiz Regional Heats

13th August 2018

On Tuesday 14 November the science quiz teams took part in the Regional Heats of the National Science Quiz held at Danes Hill School. The teams have been working hard to prepare with all the science teachers talking to them about their areas of specialism. They have learnt about genetics from Miss Fenwick, the structure of the atom from Mr Andrews, physiology from Dr Archer and famous scientists from Miss Holden as well as learning many interesting record-breaking facts from Mrs Sull. Special mention should also go to Eliza Price, our reserve and team motivator! The competition was strong and the questions very tricky.

For example, did you know that the ilium is a bone in the pelvis, or that a baby spider is not an arachnoid, but a spiderling, or that the first winner of a nobel prize in physics in 1901 was Wilhelm Rontgen for his discovery of X-Rays!

Unfortunately we did not make it to the next round, but we are extremely proud of them all