JET Masterclass!

13th August 2018

On Thursday 24 May, 8PAS visited a pilot training facility, near Gatwick Airport. The activities there included tasks in design and marketing as well as trying out an advanced flight simulator.

The design task was a challenge to create a product to increase the productivity and efficiency of air travel. By the end of the assignment, a new chair was designed as well as a suitcase transporter and even a newly formatted airport system.

The marketing exercise was devised to discuss new views and ideas upon how to expand JET MASTERCLASS’ business, as well as its legacy. This led to potential concepts concerning; utilising social media to increase the knowledge of the company. Other ideas included going to schools and providing workshops to children aged eleven and older, in order to get more children interested in the piloting world. Another idea included a video demonstrating the flight simulator and the standard of the facilities.

The final part of the day was using the flight simulator itself. This involved flights over London from Gatwick to Heathrow and back again, through different time settings and seasons, which proper pilots in training would have used.

In summary, it was a very productive and enjoyable day.  Many thanks to Mr Harvey and Mr Birrell for making this possible.

Collectively written by; 8PAS


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