How To Hide a Lion

13th August 2018

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Children in Transition and Mini Transition had a roaring good time last week as they visited the Polka Theatre to see Peter Glanville’s musical production of How to Hide a Lion, based on the book by Helen Stephens which they have been reading in class.

Indeed, the fun began even before the visiting party had arrived at the theatre as the children played I Spy and sang songs on the coach trip. Upon arrival at the theatre, the children all sat down and enjoyed a biscuit and a drink before the show began in the Adventure Room.

The children were enthralled by the show and the wonderful morals delivered in the story. After the show, they could not hide their delight, with some saying “my favourite part was when the bubbles went everywhere when the lion was in the bath”, and “it was so funny when the lady was singing really loud.”

Every pupil enjoyed the play and behaved impeccably.

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