Healthy Eating in Transition

13th August 2018

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With the coming of the Lent period, children in Transition have given up the junk food to concentrate their efforts on healthy eating. As part of their studies, all four classes visited Waitrose Cobham to learn more about good food and how a lot of the items make it onto the supermarket shelves.

It was a short journey to the local supermarket for the eager pupils so there wasn’t much time for some fun bus games but it did allow the children time to chat with their friends about the day ahead. On arrival at the supermarket, the party received a warm welcome from the Education Officer, who took the children to the staff room where they were afforded the opportunity to taste some delicious and nutritious food, including strawberries, mangos, pears, chorizo, grapes, bananas and pineapple.

It was then time to venture out into the aisles. First stop was the deli, meat and fish counter where the children were told all about where the meat comes from. Then came one of the highlights of the trip as the studious children were taken to the fridges, freezers and stock rooms to see where all the produce was kept. Gabriel summed up the mood of his friends as he said “I loved going in the freezers.”

Once the tour was completed, the children were tasked with buying ingredients for some healthy pitta pizzas, for which they used the self-checkout scanners. This was also a real treat for many of the young shoppers, with Aleksija saying “my favourite part was using the scanner.”

This was a wonderful trip for all of the children and it was a pleasure to see them all show so much enthusiasm for one of life’s most important tasks.

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