Danes Hill Cruise Through First Round of Junior Schools Challenge

13th August 2018

Four Danes Hill quizmasters helped the school progress to the next round of the Junior Schools Challenge as they beat their hosts Lanesborough this week.

The boys, all in Year 8, secured a resounding victory, coming out on top by an impressive 430-190. The Junior Schools Challenge is a general knowledge competition, which takes a similar format to the popular BBC show University Challenge. Starter questions are asked to all contestants and the first to buzz must answer immediately (or the full question is passed to the other team). The team that correctly answers a buzzer question is then asked three ‘bonus’ questions which they may confer on and which may be passed to the other team.

A big well done to the Danes Hill quarter of E McInally, D McGrath, L Comitis and J Mulkern for a superb performance. The boys are looking forward to the next round!