Australia Day

13th August 2018

On Tuesday 26 June, Paul Cook came to the Middle School assembly to play the didgeridoo as part of their Australia project in Year 4. The children then asked Mr Cook many excellent questions; how the didgeridoos are made and how do you play it? Year 4 then took part in a class workshop where each child was taught to play a didgeridoo and some of them even managed to master the art of circular breathing, impressing Mr Cook and the teachers. At the end of their session, each child took part in the Danes Hill Bush Tucker trial. 

If they were brave enough they could try Crispy Critters (Grasshoppers, Crickets and Mealworms), Bush Kangaroo Mini Burgers, Grass Hopper Chocolate Brownies, Crispy Cricket Flapjack and Australian Mud Cake with Mealworms.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and I hope you look forward to your individual recital on their own didgeridoos which they have been making in their geography lessons, at the end of the term.