EDUCATING THE whole child 

Our mission is to develop and encourage children with active and creative minds, to have a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and to have the courage to act on their beliefs.

We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical. We call this ‘Educating the Whole Child’ and is something that we pride ourselves on day in, day out and throughout the Danes Hill journey.

Scholarship and Common Entrance Success

We are delighted to announce that Danes Hill School pupils have gained 57 Senior School Scholarships for this academic year. Well done to all the children who gained an award and also to those who attempted but were unsuccessful on this occasion.
All Common Entrance pupils successfully gained entry to their chosen Senior School. From the 28 different Senior Schools Danes Hill fed, 84% of the grades awarded were A*, A and B grades.

Danes Hill School Main School House

"The pupils’ personal development is excellent. They value the world around them and appreciate the beauty of art and music, and they have a very clearly defined sense of right and wrong. Pupils are confident and outgoing, but are never precocious. They are modest about their own achievements, but are always ready to acknowledge the achievements of others. Pupils are accepting of others from different backgrounds and are interested to find out about cultures different from their own. Pastoral care is excellent, and small form and tutor group sizes mean that pupils of all ages, including the youngest, feel safe, secure and well-known. Relationships between pupils and staff, and amongst the pupils, are consistently outstanding. The school pays excellent attention to pupils’ welfare, health and safety."

ISI Inspection Report

The Danes Hill Journey

At Danes Hill, we aim to take every child in our care on a most extraordinary journey.

We welcome boys and girls from the age of rising three into Bevendean, our Pre-Prep school, and through the years, we watch the children grow, develop and mature into confident, independent teenagers who will have been given the skills they need to settle into senior education.

The combination of our dedicated and talented teachers, an inspiring curriculum and 55 acres of beautiful grounds with exceptional facilities makes Danes Hill the perfect place for your child to start their educational journey.

Our children begin their Danes Hill education in Mini Transition at Bevendean – our Pre-Prep School - which is situated on a separate, self-contained site in the heart of Oxshott village. In Pre-Prep, there is always something to prepare for and look forward to. It has also recently undergone a major rebuilding programme providing state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities. The emphasis at these early stages is on learning through play, laying down the key numeracy and literacy skills. All children enjoy specialist French and Spanish teaching from aged three. Bevendean also has its own swimming pool, library, ICT and art rooms.

In Year 2, pupils move to the Main School, where the emphasis is on developing pupils’ independence and self-motivation. All children now have specialist teaching in Art, Drama, Design Technology and Music, and as they progress through the school their academic subjects are increasingly delivered by specialist staff too.

The Main School is divided into the Lower School (Years 2 and 3), Middle School (Years 4 and 5), and Upper School (Years 6 to 8). Each section has its own Head, its own assemblies and traditions, and very much its own ethos. Children are encouraged to feel allegiance to their own particular section of the school, and this sectional subdivision ensures that the school never feels overwhelmingly big, a strength remarked upon in successive school inspection reports. Below shows how your child will progress through Danes Hill:


Developing A love for learning

Bevendean Danes Hill Journey

Rising 3-6 year olds

Mini Transition
Year 1

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Lower School

New excitements and challenges

6-8 year olds

Year 2
Year 3

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Middle School

Increasing in confidence and independence

8-11 year olds

Year 4
Year 5

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Upper School

Responsibility, opportunity and achievement

11-13 year olds

Year 6
Year 7
Year 8

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