Julia Stevenson

Julia Stevenson

Julia works in Paediatrics at St Peter’s Hospital following a career change in 2019. She regularly works with children and young people who suffer with mental illness, liaising with safeguarding and other medical professionals to provide those at high risk of harm or injury with one-to-one care.

Prior to this, she worked in a variety of brand and communications roles predominantly at BP and then at EY as a management consultant. The roles included managing values & behaviours, culture change and speak up programmes.

She attended a variety of schools whilst moving around with her family whose father was in the Royal Air Force including state, grammar, private and boarding schools in the UK, Germany and Alabama, USA. Julia has travelled extensively to many countries whilst working for BP.

Julia has three daughters, two of which attended Danes Hill. She is studying for a degree in Psychosocial Studies at Goldsmiths University London leading to a qualified therapist specialising in trauma. In her spare time, she volunteers with her therapy dog visiting Great Ormond Street Hospital, care homes, and a school for children with social and emotional needs. She also has a keen interest in cooking, skiing, running and tennis.

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