Head of Lower School welcome

The aim in the Lower School at Danes Hill is to offer new and exciting challenges to every child. A broad curriculum is provided and all Form Teachers, together with specialist and support staff, create a stimulating learning environment with a caring, nurturing atmosphere.

The Lower School creates a secure identity and a sense of belonging for all our children. Years 2 and 3 share many experiences from daily playtimes and lunch to weekly Lower School assemblies and annual events, such as Sports and Speech Days.

We place emphasis on providing opportunities to develop further the literacy and numeracy skills learned at Bevendean or, for new pupils, wherever their previous learning has taken place. Pupils in Years 2 and 3 are placed in sets for these core subjects so they receive the appropriate level of teaching and learning with favourable teacher-pupil ratios.

From structured, formal teaching to more kinaesthetic styles of teaching, lessons are geared, as far as possible, towards the individual child. The focus is on developing enthusiasm and confidence in every pupil so that we can strive to maximise individual potential wherever that may lie.

To enrich the curriculum we have an extensive Lower School Activity Programme. These optional activities take place at the end of the school day and offer opportunities to participate in sporting, creative, academic and recreational clubs. From animation to judo, choir or football, there is something for everyone.

Angie Lack
Head of Lower School


Climbing and Cookery Workshop

For children currently in Year 1, considering Danes Hill School

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