The House System

The House system, based on the values of friendship and togetherness, is at the core of Danes Hill’s ethos.

We run inter-House competitions, both in the classroom and on the sports field, to build a sense of team spirit, helping to bring together the immediate and enduring group of friends who are members of that House. Long lasting friendships have and will continue to be developed at Danes Hill for as long as boys and girls of a range of different abilities and personalities all compete for a common cause.

There are four Houses at Danes Hill, namely the Danes, Normans, Saxons and Vikings. We endeavour to place siblings in the same House, as well as in the same House as their parents or grandparents if they attended the school. In each area of the school there is a house captain.

House competitions are run throughout the academic year and children get placed into their Houses from Year 1. Every child is awarded House points for positive behaviour. Overall and individual prizes for the most House points serve as strong motivation for the children, as does the promise of a special outing at the end of the year for the House with the most points for children at the Main School. Inter-House sports competitions are always competitive and enjoyable occasions – we encourage all parents and friends of the competitors to come along to join in the fun and lend their support.

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