School Council

The School Council provides Danes Hill pupils with a forum for discussion and debate and the opportunity to make real changes to the school. This year each of the 28 Year 6, 7 and 8 Tutor Groups elected one member to sit on the Council; each councillor is expected to represent the views of his or her fellow tutees, and report back to them after every Council meeting.

The School Council meets twice every half term, under the stewardship of the President. As well as developing debating skills, the representatives of each tutor group get to know each other and are able to interact with children in other year groups. From introducing salt and pepper at lunch time, to modifying the school uniform, the School Council has influenced the school in a wide variety of ways since it was founded.


Each year a Year 8 pupil is appointed as President of the Council. The president chairs the fortnightly meetings, discussing a very busy agenda, and then meets with the Headmaster to discuss the ideas that they and the Council would like to be taken. The President of the School Council also informs the whole school on their progress in assemblies and in the school newsletter. President of the school council for 2021-2022 is Teddy Brine.

Previous Projects

Every year the School Council votes on a goal that they would like to achieve within the academic year. Previous years have seen the introduction of a no homework weekend every term, the development of recycling facilities across the school sites, an advancement of technology in the Library with the purchase of both iPads and Kindles, plus more playground equipment, themed lunches and an ICT club. The students have also worked hard to set up, maintain and develop the ‘Year 8 Area’, situated near the Adventure Playground. The area was first set up in 2008 and each year new ideas are put forward to improve it. It is ultimately beneficial to every pupil as it becomes one of the top privileges offered in their final year at Danes Hill School. Pupils also had a hand in raising money for Sports Relief with a fancy dress Mile Run. In addition to these projects, the School Council organises the Christmas Talent Show and the Year 2 Easter Egg Hunt each year.

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