PSHEE & Citizenship

The Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) curriculum, combined with the Citizenship curriculum is designed to assist in the full development of each individual pupil at Danes Hill School. PSHEE and Citizenship is embedded throughout the curriculum in Nursery and Bevendean Pre-Prep and in the Prep School it is timetabled for a full lesson every week for children in Year 2 through to Year 8. Many other prep schools do not have this luxury and have to cover the content in form periods.

The breadth of our PSHEE and Citizenship curriculum equips pupils with skills they need in every day life, today and in the future, both within and outside of school. It teaches children the vocabulary to express their emotions, helps them show empathy of physical and mental health and how to look after themselves and others and gives them the ability to disagree with others respectfully. All these skills build awareness of inclusion in school and in the wider society and, just as importantly, helps pupils to achieve their academic potential.

Danes Hill School's flourishing PSHEE and Citizenship curriculum is continually adapting as the world around us evolves and changes. It is the responsibility of a great school to go far beyond academic progress of a child and our PSHEE curriculum helps children make progress in social and pastoral areas. It makes a real, positive difference in the lives of the children while at school and beyond.

"My child very much benefited from a large number of inspiring teachers throughout the years who were keen to promote our child's learning and personal wellbeing."

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