"The quality of pastoral care is excellent with the school having a highly effective pastoral structure."

"The close, supportive relationship between staff and children creates a safe, secure environment where children feel able to explore and learn independently."

"The school has excellent arrangements to promote good behaviour and tolerance."

"The school makes excellent provision for the welfare, health and safety of its pupils."

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Pastoral Care & Child Protection


Pastoral Care & Child Wellbeing

At Danes Hill we pride ourselves on offering exemplary pastoral care. The foundation to success – whether in the classroom, in the drama studio, or on the sports field – is the wellbeing of our students. We nurture and support them throughout their Danes Hill journey, promoting values such as independence and respect. We offer opportunities to build confidence such as reading match reports out to the school and assisting in Danes Hill events including Grandparents’ Day.

The pastoral care and emotional welfare of our students are of paramount importance to the school. A comprehensive staffing structure exists to support students’ emotional development throughout the school; Heads of Section, Heads of Year, Form Teachers, and Tutors all oversee the welfare and social and emotional development of their charges on a daily basis. It is the ultimate responsibility of Assistant Head (Pastoral) and Designated Safeguarding Lead, Miss Nikki Harris, to co-ordinate all aspects of the school’s pastoral care programme.

The aims of our pastoral care structure are as follows:

  1. To enhance the achievement of all the pupils in the school, whilst protecting their right to learn in a stress-free environment.
  2. ​To develop pupils who are knowledgeable about their own personal development, are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, who know how to access support, who are enthusiastic about learning and who, through their attitudes and behaviour, contribute to a happy, learning community.
  3. To understand the needs of pupils for guidance and support and to play an effective role in the learning and personal-social development of all children in the school.
  4. To provide a community in which all members can flourish in achieving their individual potentials.


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