Head of Middle School - Introduction

In the Middle School, pupils are set a wide range of tasks to encourage them to become independent learners. These include:

  • Movement around the school
  • Taking responsibility for prep
  • Preparing for tests

By the time the children reach the end of their two years in the Middle School, they will have developed the vital life skill of getting to the correct place at the correct time with the correct equipment.

It is recognised, however, that this is the time when the majority of children are naturally inquisitive and enthusiastic about learning so our focus is on creating a stimulating learning environment. We aim to encourage learning by self-discovery and personal target-setting within a safe and structured environment. Children are helped to identify the different ways learning can take place and to work on boosting their self-confidence.

Years 4 and 5 are exciting, exhausting and rewarding in equal measure. Middle School pupils will go on their first residential trip, represent the school in at least one sport, learn to read and write independently for a purpose or enjoyment, begin to streamline interests, develop a greater sense of confidence and discover their individual talents.

Liz Loubser
Head of Middle School